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We are thrilled to be working with our first round of mentees whom we will help accelerate their success, through guidance from our mentors.

Health to the Rescue

Founder: Brandan Lee

Big Circle

Founder: Chris Keifer

McFadden's Men's Shop

Founder: JP McFadden

Natural XScentrics, LLC

Founder: Tiffany Hackett-Palmer

Pursuit Coffee Company

Founder: Nate Kunde


Founder: Harrington Muhammad

Rock Hill Pet Care

Founder:Trenton Madden

Round Table Events

Founder: Frances Cope

Vibes Juice Bar

Founder: Tamisala McCrorey

Victory Gardens International

Founder: Jonathan Nazeer


Founder: Allie Smith

A Sprinkle of Love

Founder: Darlene McCoy

Amabile Co.

Founder: Adrian Amabile

Avita's Cuban LLC

Founder: Jonathan Carmenate

BE Complete Coaching & Consulting

Founder: Brooke Elliot

DEI Directive

Founder: Malobi Achike

E-Motive Counseling, LLC

Founder: Rayni Collins

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